Opening 7 APRIL, 2022, 5.30PM, Otago Polytechnic Courtyard - 4 plinths


Crossroads; Childish Adult Stuff, 2022.

New sculptural works by Dillon Gamble. 


These 4 Plinths works were part of the Hub Commission series. The works were commissioned from a Graduate Artist from SITE 2021. They will be located in the Otago Polytechnic central courtyard.

Opening Thursday 7th April 2022 5:30 pm 

The Hub, Courtyard, Forth street Dunedin.


"I find myself at a crossroads.  ‘Well, what’s next?’ I always thought I'd work on a farm or factory. Now that I’ve completed postgraduate study at Otago Polytechnic I find myself wanting to make art about that idea. ‘Where to next?’

The works:

Looking back over my last four years of study, I’ve noticed certain themes and styles emerging from my practice. My engagement with the history of Aotearoa and its material legacies; the ‘old stuff’, objects that I, a New Zealander, view with nostalgia and affection. Now that I’ve reached the end of my degree I find myself with time spare to reflect on my choices leading to this point. As a child, things felt as if they would be simpler, clearer, and would fit more neatly into my understanding of the world. Upon consideration, little has changed about my concern with play; my toys, their meaning, and my experience of them. While I now make my own toys, their scaling-up over time has matched my own growth. 

The ‘toys’ I have created represent my own unfocused, yet specific, goals as a recent graduate of the arts. I need to get some work, and I probably need somewhere to live. Most definitely I’ll need a car to go places, and most importantly I’ll be able to get a dog soon. 

These works resulted from my reflections on life and education, ventures I suspect I have shared with many others."

-- Dillon Gamble, March 2022


Published on 4 Apr 2022

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