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2018 ART+OCEANS Exhibition

HD Skinner Annex, Otago Museum 23 July - 5 August 2018

Tackling the complexities of our changing marine world, artists and scientists have collaborated for several months to imagine new generative interactions between science and art. They have produced works that interpret and extend science research in new contexts for the up-coming "ART + OCEANS" exhibition opening in the HD Skinner Annex, Otago Museum on 23 July, 2018.

This large group exhibition represents collaborative work from 30 artists (graduates, staff and senior students of the Dunedin School of Art and School of Design at Otago Polytechnic) and 20 scientists from University of Otago (Researchers from Surveying, Physics, Anatomy, Chemistry, Botany, Marine Science, Te Koronga (Indigenous Science) Physical Education), Cawthron Institute (New Zealand's largest independent science organisation), Landcare Research, NIWA, Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge, CARIM (Coastal Acidification: Rate, Impacts & Management), Biodiversity Research Centre and University of British Columbia.

This is the sixth in the Art + “Science” project series. In Art + Oceans, artists worked with scientists individually or in small groups, to develop artworks relating to science interpreted in a broad context. Throughout, both artists and scientists were involved in sharing their process and describing their work in monthly communal meetings. Art + Oceans 2018 is supported by the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge, which provided funding for a component of the artworks to be made transportable in a travelling exhibition. 

It has been a long rich journey and we hope it enriches your thoughts and involvement in helping to solve the huge challenges our vital marine world faces. Pam McKinlay and Jenny Rock

Online Catalogue  /  Exhibition Documentation Publication - Junctures: The Journal for Thematic Dialogue #19: oceans  ( 2018 issue in production)

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The project is administered and curated by Pam McKinlay from the Dunedin School of Art and co-coordinated by Pam McKinlay and Dr Jenny Rock, Science Communication, University of Otago.


Pam McKinlay is an artist with a background in applied science and history of art. As an artist she works predominantly in sculpture, weaving and ceramics. She works in collaboration with other artists locally and nationally in community outreach and education projects around the theme of climate change, sustainability and biodiversity. Currently she works at the Dunedin School of Art.
Pam McKinlay, Dunedin School of Art Pam.McKinlay@op.ac.nz 

Jenny Rock has backgrounds in science and art. She has spent > 20 years as a scientific researcher (particularly in marine biology) and is an intaglio and relief printmaker, as well as occasional poet. Currently she is a Sr Lecturer in Science Communication (University of Otago) focusing on aesthetics, participatory practice, sensory cognition, and ArtScience.

Jenny Rock, Otago University Jenny.Rock@otago.ac.nz 


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Cover image by: Pam McKinlay and Jesse-James Pickery, Tethys Hinemoana: Call of the Ocean, 2018