A hankering for hands-on help

Connor Hamilton has always enjoyed supporting others, yet his choice of study includes strong support for him, too.

Connor Hamilton


If you have a passion for working with people in a very hands-on way, you will love Occupational Therapy – even more so if you do it through Otago Polytechnic.

“I wanted to work in the health industry after living in Christchurch with the earthquakes and seeing how important it is to have a strong healthcare industry. I want to ensure that people can get their healthcare needs meet.”

Having worked in retail and deciding he wanted to work in a field that benefited others, Connor enrolled in the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Mental Health) at Otago Polytechnic, a move that helped him identify and organise his goals and aspirations, ultimately leading to his decision to study Occupational Therapy.

"So far my experience has been fantastic. All the lecturers are open-minded and supportive. It is a very welcoming and supportive environment, and there is help whenever you need it.

“I feel that if I am struggling or just need to be reassured there is always help available.”

Connor also enjoys applying what he has learned into practical experiences.

"We do a lot of fieldwork placement, which helps put our knowledge into real-world experience.

“I would like to work in mental health and I would love to end up working in music therapy as music is my passion.”



Connor Hamilton