Tikanga Māori in the Organisation



7 weeks

Course summary

We will begin by examining four concepts from an Iwi Māori perspective, not just through translating words, but seeing how an in-depth understanding of these concepts inform the values and behaviours within the institution. 

We will then look at tikanga in practice, and how four particular tikanga Māori practices can be embedded within an organisation, maintaining the integrity of the practice while allowing for participation and inclusion.

And finally we'll investigate the tikanga concepts that underpin the practice.

You'll have a window into a world view, encouraging you to gain a deeper understanding of why these tikanga are important.


What you will learn

Identify tikanga Māori practices, as appropriate to iwi-specific tikanga, and integrate them into your personal and professional practice both formally and informally.


Time commitment: 

2 x 2 hour tutorials, plus an assessment.

Online resources are provided.