Self Assessment and Internal Evaluation

Approval Date
1 July 2019
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
1 February 2020
Deputy Chief Executive: Learning & Teaching Services
Baldrige Criteria
Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management

This policy ensures Otago Polytechnic Limited (Ltd) is maintaining and enhancing its quality practices in line with internal self-assessment and External Evaluation and Review (EER).

Self-assessment and internal evaluation at Otago Polytechnic Ltd is carried out by:

a.         Annual Programme Evaluation reports (APERs) and

b.         Annual Service Area reports (ASRs)

c.         Internal Evaluation review.


1.         The OP Board and Executive Leadership Team will evaluate their effectiveness in supporting educational achievement annually.

2.         Each academic and service area will have annual reviews and ongoing self- assessment activities with the goal being continuous quality improvement.

2.1.        Self-assessment focuses on each programme and service area performance in relation to Otago Polytechnic Ltd’s strategic priorities.

2.2.        Self-assessment activities and events are intended to lead to improved outcomes for learners and other stakeholders and meet internal and external quality assurance requirements.

2.3.        Their outcomes recognise and promulgate good practice and promote effective quality management throughout the institution.

3.         Internal evaluation will provide advice and guidance around self-assessment activities and continuous quality improvement processes, with the key intentions of:

3.1.        Embedding self-assessment and review as an essential part of quality across the organisation

3.2.        Enhancing capability in evaluative conversations, sense-making of data, understanding of what is working well and why, and how this informs evidence-based decision making to implement worthwhile improvements.

3.3.        Using values-based/strengths-based models to provide a platform for staff to highlight and affirm the strengths of their work and their team/area, to value what is being done and to support an improvement-focused learning environment and organisation.

3.4.        Building an increased awareness of the systematic data and information collection, and evaluative processes led by the Organisational Research area.


APERs and ASR’s

4.          The Director: Learning and Teaching and a panel consisting of Head of College members conducts an annual programme evaluation review (APER). See Annual Programme Review Guidelines on Tūhono.

5.          The Business Improvement Team conduct an annual service area review (SAR). See Guidelines for Service Area reviews (Performance Portal – service area specific)

6.          The timetable for the annual programme and service review is established in November for the following year.

7.          Objective and subjective data provide the measurements of quality, refer to self-review criteria in the Annual Programme Review Guidelines. The Evaluation panels will make judgements at the conclusion of the annual programmes and service area reviews. These judgements will be ratings assigned for performance dimensions and self-assessment capability along with an overall rating for programmes or service area performance and a rating for programmes or service area capability in self-assessment.

8.          A summary report for each programme and service area on conclusion of the review meetings as well as an overall report to Academic Council and OP Board.


Internal Evaluation

9.          The Internal Evaluation Lead reviews and evaluates identified focus areas for continuous quality improvement.

10.      The Internal Evaluation Lead reviews and audits identified focus areas for compliance (where this is required).

11.      Actions to address requirements and recommendations from reviews are incorporated into the area’s Business Plan.

12.      The Director: Learning and Teaching is responsible for a summary report of self- assessment activities which goes to Executive Leadership Team and Academic Committee for discussion and noting each September and is published on the intranet.

13.      The Director: Learning and Teaching is responsible for any budget requirements for the self-assessment/internal review and external evaluation and reviews.

14.      The Self-Assessment Plan and Report and Internal Evaluation Activities are reported to Council’s Finance and Audit Committee.


SOP - Self Assessment and Internal Evaluation Responsibilities table



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