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By Ash Rohloff - Senior Lecturer in the ISEH

As part of a refresh of our Well-being content - Ash Rohloff - Senior Lecturer in the ISEH has recorded a series of stretches you can incorporate into your working day.

Whether you are working in an office, a workshop, a studio, a clinic or at home these stretches can help to minimise discomfort.

Discomfort is rarely a sudden thing, unless you have an unfortunate accident discomfort is something that creeps up on you gradually.

If we think of discomfort as an early warning sign from your body that something needs to change then pain would be the result of not responding to the warning signs.

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Ideally we want to stop discomfort from developing into pain or from developing at all!

Take regular stretch breaks when you are working in static positions - that could be sitting or standing. 

Let Ash guide you through some easy movements to maintain your mobility and comfort.


Stretch videos

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